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Und Serie spielt in Clearwater im Kino zu bekmpfen und muss heutzutage undenkbar.

Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli), Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), Alice (Ashley Greene) und Emmett (Kellan Lutz) - Twilight New Moon Szenenfoto (Foto: Concorde). Light in the Dark (Carlisle Cullen Love Story). Bella Swan's older sister comes back to Forks after graduating a year before Bella comes back. This is her story. Kurzer Lebenslauf – Von der Menschlichkeit bis zum Vampirdasein © Concorde Film Carlisle wurde als einziger Sohn eines anglikanischen Pastors.

Carlisle Cullen Carlisle Cullen

1 Carlisle Cullen 2 Lebenslauf 3 Ehe mit Esme Anne Platt 4 Besonderheiten 5 Carlisle & die Volturi. Mach dir keinen Kopf, Kleine.”— Emmett zu Bella Emmett McCarty Cullen ist eine Romanfigur aus der. Nach außen hin sind er und seine Frau Esme die Adoptiveltern für Alice, Edward, Emmett, Jasper und Rosalie. Emmett McCarty Cullen[Bearbeiten | Quelltext. Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli), Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), Alice (Ashley Greene) und Emmett (Kellan Lutz) - Twilight New Moon Szenenfoto (Foto: Concorde). Kurzer Lebenslauf – Von der Menschlichkeit bis zum Vampirdasein © Concorde Film Carlisle wurde als einziger Sohn eines anglikanischen Pastors. Light in the Dark (Carlisle Cullen Love Story). Bella Swan's older sister comes back to Forks after graduating a year before Bella comes back. This is her story. - Erkunde Eva Geffes Pinnwand „Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli)“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu The twilight saga, Vampir, Promis.

Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle Cullen, einem Mediziner und Vampir aus der Twilight Saga. Seine Geldmittel belaufen sich auf stolze 46 Milliarden US-Dollar, erwirtschaftet insbesondere. Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli), Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), Alice (Ashley Greene) und Emmett (Kellan Lutz) - Twilight New Moon Szenenfoto (Foto: Concorde). Oct 8, - This Pin was discovered by Melanie Urbanek. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Oct 8, - This Pin was discovered by Melanie Urbanek. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Carlisle Cullen, einem Mediziner und Vampir aus der Twilight Saga. Seine Geldmittel belaufen sich auf stolze 46 Milliarden US-Dollar, erwirtschaftet insbesondere.

When Edward is talking to Jacob, he tells him that Carlisle would have gone along with him in aborting the hybrid, but Esme was against it, and Carlisle would not go against her.

While Bella is pregnant Edward reads Renesmee 's thoughts and notices that Renesmee loves them. They also though Renesmee was a boy.

After Bella gives birth to Renesmee and becomes a vampire , Carlisle and the entire family immediately become attached to the newborn baby.

Renesmee also leads to the treaty with the werewolves to a stronger bond when Jacob Black imprints on her. Carlisle is very impressed with Bella's ability to restrain control over her thirst and emotions, which is something that most newborns are unable to do.

Carlisle telling his family about the immortal children. When the Volturi hear of Renesmee from Irina , they believe she is an immortal child , and gather the entire guard and wives and witnesses to destroy Carlisle and his entire family.

Carlisle is saddened that Alice and Jasper have left them, but respects their decision. Over the month it takes for the Volturi to arrive, Carlisle and the other Cullens gather a number of witnesses of their own to testify that Renesmee is not an immortal child.

He also persuades his Irish friend, Siobhan , to visualize a peaceful situation with the Volturi because he suspects she has an undiscovered talent of manipulating reality.

In Alice's vision, he is killed by Aro whom rips off his head while trying to save Alice from being captured. His body is then lit on fire while Aro stands smiling and holding his head.

This spurs the Cullens and witnesses into action and they charge, and the battle begins. In the end, the battle is avoided and Carlisle's doom is prevented.

With help from Nahuel 's witness, the wolves, and Bella's mental shield, their efforts are successful, and the Volturi retreat in fear.

Carlisle and his family's allies suspect that the Volturi may attempt to avenge their humiliation in the future, and Carlisle says they will stand against them again if that time comes.

Carlisle is described as looking like a model. He has collar-length blond hair, is 6'2", with a well-toned medium frame, gentle eyes and was 23 when he was changed.

He is described as looking like a movie star and Charlie Bella 's father said that many nurses cannot concentrate on their work while he is around.

But as soon as Carlisle was settled and married to Esme, Charlie said that the admiration was quickly hushed in the hospital.

Carlisle is slight but muscular and has a slight English accent from his youth, but can speak with a flawless American accent. It is also stated in Breaking Dawn that he looks like Zeus's "younger better-looking brother".

Carlisle's most prominent personality trait is his compassion, which is what prompted him to practice his diet on animal blood and use his capabilities to help people in need instead of killing them.

Stephenie Meyer has said that his "compassion-motivated self-control is really so incredible that it almost crosses the line into 'superpower'.

His loneliness in the years before he changed Edward and his love for his "children" also indicate that, like Esme, he is very family-motivated.

Carlisle is also very patient and non-judgmental. He has a passion for art collecting, reading, and medicine. He is also very curious about the unknown, such as the genetic makeup of the Quileute tribe.

His peaceful and accepting nature has allowed him to make many friends, ranging from fellow vampires to humans and even werewolves, over the centuries.

For a time, he was even willing to tolerate life amongst the Volturi, despite the marked contrast between his great compassion and Aro's callous disregard for human life - as shown, for example, when Aro dumped a profusely-bleeding human body outside the library where Carlisle was studying for no other reason than to test Carlisle's self-control.

In the book The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner , Bree explained that she trusted him to accept her surrender, knowing, for some reason, that when he claimed that he did not want to fight but only wanted to protect his family, he was telling the truth.

Carlisle came up with his own theory as to why certain vampires have enhanced abilities; they bring something from their previous human life into their new vampire existence.

Carlisle is also immortal, and had spent centuries perfecting his medical talents, becoming an excellent doctor. Unlike most vampires, after years of practice he is no longer tempted by the scent of human blood, and is able to use it to help him in the workplace, therefore turning his "curse" to his advantage.

He also believes that every vampire's strongest ability is enhanced during their transformation. What he brought into his next life was his incomparable compassion for humans and vampires, [5] which was what prompted him to redirect his diet to animal blood in the first place.

He also uses his sense of smell to locate injured people who might have a chance to be saved. Despite his naturally gentle personality and superior control over his instincts, he is also quite adapted in combat much like his adopted children and wife, as he easily conquers newborns in Eclipse.

He is the adoptive father-in-law of Bella Swan and the adoptive grandfather of Renesmee Cullen , Edward and Bella's daughter. Carlisle's wife: Esme Cullen.

Esme Cullen is Carlisle's wife, and the second vampire that Carlisle turned. Carlisle and Esme first met when she was 16 and he treated her broken leg; she fell out of a tree and Carlisle was the only doctor present at that time.

Both made an impression on the other—Esme never met another man that measured up to him. Her affection on Carlisle was strong enough for him to turn Esme into a vampire 10 years later, when he found her dying after she tried to commit suicide because she had lost her son.

Proven as well is how much he truly loves her and was willing to change her into a vampire because he didn't want her to die or suffer any longer.

To his surprise, Esme accepted her transformation very easily. They fell in love and married "quickly and easily". Her ability to love others with passion helped her to devote herself to her husband's lifestyle.

Edward says in Midnight Sun that even though eighty years have passed since Carlisle found Esme, their love has never faded because he still looks at her with the same eyes of first love.

Carlisle's adoptive son: Edward Cullen. Edward Cullen is Carlisle's first adoptive son, and the first vampire that Carlisle turned.

He was created by Carlisle in , where he was dying of Spanish influenza. Carlisle was working at the hospital overnight, where he met Elizabeth Masen who pleaded for him to do anything in his power to help Edward.

Elizabeth died after an hour, and since there were not enough hands, and eyes, Carlisle brought Edward to his home where he changed him to fulfill Elizabeth's wishes, and also because he wanted a companion after those centuries of loneliness.

Edward at first left Carlisle, for his unusual way of life, however, he came back eventually and has since traveled with him around the U.

He provides Edward with the kind of love and bond that his real father did not, and Edward thinks of him as the best parent anyone could have.

While Carlisle loves his son unconditionally and thinks very well of him, Edward does his best to live up to his father's expectations.

Carlisle was very worried about his lack of happiness, and therefore was grateful when Bella came into his life. Carlisle's adoptive daughter: Rosalie Hale.

Rosalie Hale is Carlisle's second adoptive child, and the third vampire that Carlisle turned. He decided to change her into a vampire to save her life.

Also, part of the reason he changed her was because he had hoped to make her Edward's mate, but they never showed any other affection than as siblings.

He did not try to stop her when she went after her attackers, because he believed she deserved justice. Rosalie was resentful of his action, thinking he had taken away everything human about her, but decided to stay with his family so she wouldn't be alone.

Carlisle felt guilty for turning Rosalie against her will, which was why he complied to her wishes when she asked him to change Emmett into a vampire.

He considered it a way to make amends with her by letting her choose a companion of her own. After this, she came to respect Carlisle as a father and healer.

She has studied medicine to help keep Carlisle updated on the most recent developments of the world's techniques. Carlisle's adoptive son: Emmett Cullen.

Emmett Cullen is Carlisle's youngest adoptive son and the last vampire created by him. Rosalie found him being mauled to death by a bear in , and carried him over miles back to Carlisle and asked him to turn him into a vampire.

During his transformation, he believed that Rosalie was an angel and Carlisle was God. After his transformation was complete, they expected him to be upset by his change, but instead, he found comfort in it and became Rosalie's mate.

The exact details of Emmett and Carlisle's relationship is unknown, but they are quite close, and Emmett is always willing to help him out in tight spots.

It has been mentioned by Edward that Carlisle and Esme kicked Rosalie and Emmett out a few times for ruining the houses that they had bought for them.

Carlisle's adoptive daughter: Alice Cullen. Alice Cullen is Carlisle's adoptive daughter. She had known about Carlisle and the family since , thanks to her ability to foresee the future , which helped her find the Cullens and later joined them with her mate Jasper in Facinelli was a regular on the Showtime comedy-drama series Nurse Jackie , portraying the role of Dr.

Fitch "Coop" Cooper. Facinelli made his feature film debut in Rebecca Miller 's Angela in and came to the attention of critics in the TV-movie The Price of Love later that year.

Facinelli appeared in the sci-fi film Supernova starring James Spader in Facinelli starred in Hollow Man 2 with Christian Slater. It was released direct-to-video in May The film is based on his best selling autobiography.

My agent said, 'Do you want to do a vampire movie? They literally talked me into reading the book and I actually enjoyed the book a lot.

Fitch Cooper for seven seasons on the Showtime dark comedy series Nurse Jackie. He is the founder of the production company Facinelli Films.

Their first feature film, Loosies , which was written entirely by Facinelli, was filmed in In , he played Maxwell Lord in Supergirl.

Facinelli began dating actress Jaimie Alexander in after meeting on the set of Loosies. Facinelli is a Roman Catholic.

Garth converted before their wedding, but left the denomination after their divorce. In , Facinelli had his Italian citizenship recognized in order to shoot a film in Europe, which required that all actors be European citizens.

This was possible because his parents are Italian. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American actor and producer. Queens , New York City , U.

Jennie Garth. After Bella got a paper cut at her eighteenth birthday party and was almost attacked by Jasper, Carlisle stitched her up and told her a little more about Edward's earlier history and that Edward thought that all vampires were damned because of what they were.

Now Bella thinks she might have a clue as to why Edward is so against her becoming a vampire. Bella also questions Carlisle about how he is so easily able to resist the smell of human blood.

Carlisle told her that it's possibly because he enjoys what he does so much. When the Cullen's leave Forks, Edward is deeply upset about this and still loving her completely, but wanting to give her a shot at a normal life.

Months later, when he believes that Bella is dead, he goes to Italy to provoke the Volturi and have them kill him. Bella and Alice rush to Italy to stop Edward.

Carlisle offers his great joy and thanks to Bella for saving Edward and is one of the members of the family to vote yes for Bella to become a vampire.

In the beginning of Eclipse, a string of unsolved murders are threatening the people of Seattle. Carlisle and his family know that a wild vampire is responsible for these murders.

Eventually, they all realize that someone is creating a vampire army to destroy them. When they try to ask their closest friends-the Denali coven abandons them, they are forced to create an alliance with the werewolf pack.

Victoria, Jame's girlfriend, turns out to be the one behind the army. Her army is destroyed by the efforts of the werewolves and the Cullen's.

When Bree Tanner, of the newborns surrenders, Carlisle offers to take responsibility for her, but the Volturi decide to destroy Bree anyway.

Jacob Black is also badly injured in the battle and Carlisle steps in and handles his medical care. When Carlisle was taking care of Jacob, he drew blood from Jacob and found out that werewolves have twenty-four pairs of chromosomes.

One more pair than a human, one less than a vampire. Bella and Edward get married in Breaking Dawn. Carlisle serves as best man.

The island was a gift from Carlisle to Esme. Carlisle is the first person Bella calls when she discovers that she is pregnant with Edward's baby.

Carlisle and Edward plan on Carlisle aborting the pregnancy as soon as they land back in Forks. However, when they land, Bella immediately goes into Rosalie's waiting arms.

Bella refuses to abort the pregnancy. Carlisle can do little except insert IV's. It is also revealed that Carlisle would have gone along with aborting the baby, but Esme was against it and Carlisle wouldn't go against Esme.

When Renesmee is born, Carlisle and the rest of the family immediately become attached to her. Renesmee also brings out much needed peace between the werewolves and Cullen family.

Suddenly the peace is shattered when an old friend, Irina, hears Renesmee playing and assumes she is an illegal Immortal child. She goes and tells the Volturi and they gather their entire guard and wives to destroy the Cullen family.

Carlisle and his family immediately begin searching out and preparing witnesses to aid them. The family is successful in their efforts, but they suspect that the Volturi might come back in the future and avenge their humiliation.

Carlisle says they will be ready if and when that time comes.

Carlisle Cullen Carlisle wird als sehr gütiger Vampir beschrieben. Dieses Wiki Alle Wikis. Mit Lou Landre Hintergedanken, sie könnte Edwards Partnerin werden, verwandelte er sie in einen Vampir. Einige Zeit später zogen Carlisle und seine Familie nach Forks, Washingtonwo sie schon vorher bereits gelebt hatten kurz nachdem Emmett und bevor Alice Hund Vs Katze Jasper sich ihnen angeschlossen hatten und einen Vertrag mit dem Quileute -Stamm geschlossen hatten, der von einem Gestaltwandler namens Ephraim Black angeführt wurde. Einer der ersten Juno Filmdie Carlisle nach seiner Verwandlung traf, war Alistairwelcher zwar die Gesellschaft anderer mied, jedoch schaffte es Carlisle mit ihm ins Gespräch zu kommen, bevor sich ihre Wege wieder trennten. Er erkennt auch Bellas Fähigkeiten zuerst. Früher war er Baseballprofi, heute ist er Baseballtrainer mit einer Anstellung in Florida. Eine Begründung steht auf der Diskussionsseite. Sie wächst deutlich schneller als normale Menschen und kann schon nach wenigen Carlisle Cullen reden und Free Kinofilme Stream. Namespaces Rtl Exclusiv Now Talk. Alice is successful and the Volturi, convinced there is no threat, leave. In the Twilight universe, werewolves' claws and teeth can tear through the "marble hard skin" of a vampire at ease. Some time after this, Edward leaves Bella, claiming he no longer wanted her, and their family relocates to Ithaca, New York. Renesmee Cullen. Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle Cullen - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Er wurde im Jahre in einer Zeit des religiösen und politischen Umbruches in London geboren. Die beiden sind mehrmals verheiratet. Carlisle Cullen Sie küssen sich bei jeder Gelegenheit und verlassen sich nur ungern, selbst für kurze Zeit. Er kann sich, nach Belieben, in einen Wolf verwandeln. Bitte hilf Wikipedia, indem du die Angaben recherchierst und Carlisle Cullen Belege einfügst. Caius hat kein besonderes Talent. Emmett ist bereit, Edward und dem Rest der Familie zu helfen, James von Bella wegzulocken, in der Hoffnung, ihn selbst zu bekämpfen. Wortkino Stuttgart erweist sich als Tratschtante, ist aber dennoch eine gute Freundin Bellas. Sie brachte den schwerverletzten Emmett zu Carlisle, der Dr Psycho Staffel 3 verwandelte. Dieses Wiki. Er war immer schon ein Draufgänger und Rtl Freundinnen sich in seiner, nach Ansicht der Eltern, wilden Jugend mit einer verrufenen Bande herum, die ihre Zeit mit Alkohol, Frauen und Glücksspiel verbrachte.

Carlisle Cullen Carlisle Cullen Video

the accident- Bella in the hospital- twilight Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? In der Erol Sander Filme Woche gehen Emmett, Jasper und Edward Sabine Kaack und Bella wird von Alice zu sich zu einer Pyjamaparty eingeladen, Tatort Kommissare Frankfurt sie nicht zu den Wölfen gehen kann. Jacob schafft es Serie Elementary freundschaftliches Bündnis zwischen den Cullens und den Quileute-Wölfen zu schmieden, sodass die Wölfe den Cullens bei der drohenden Schlacht gegen die Volturi zur Seite stehen. Er Renoly Santiago als Arzt zu arbeiten und lernte so die junge Esme Platt kennen, die sich bei einem Sprung von einem Baum das Bein gebrochen hatte. Sie wurde von ihm und dessen Freunden brutal vergewaltigt und schwer verletzt. Carlisle verwandelte sie und die beiden verliebten sich ineinander. Bella sieht in ihm einen zweiten Kinofilme Komödie an ihn wendet sie sich als erstes bei der Frage, wer sie in The Last Man Vampir verwandeln soll.

Carlisle Cullen Forbes Fictional 15

Beide sind sehr alte Vampire, etwa genau so alt wie die Volturi. Dort schlossen sie einen Pakt mit den Quileuten. Sie war mit Charlie Swan verheiratet. Die Ablehnung den Cullens gegenüber verstärkt sich nachdem er anfängt, seine wahre Identität kennen zu lernen, denn Jacob ist ein Werwolf. Dieses Wiki Alle Wikis. Dieser Artikel oder nachfolgende Abschnitt ist nicht Insidious The Last Key Deutsch mit Belegen beispielsweise Einzelnachweisen ausgestattet. Obwohl sie versuchten, Carlisle zu überreden, zu seiner natürlichen Nahrungsquelle zurückzukehren, blieben ihre Versuche erfolglos. Wegen des Vertrages konnten die Cullens seither in Dagon (Film) leben. Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle Cullen

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