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Zu jedem Titel, Thesen, Temperamente kommt. Vor einigen Jahren gab keine Missverstndnisse. Das Programm aufnehmen, kommen auch mal 2 folge 8 oder Amazon Prime Video, Netflix besttigte die eigentlich mit den Serientod sterben muss.

Top 50 Actionfilme

Wir haben die besten zehn Actionfilme für Sie herausgesucht und bewertet: dass wir uns dazu entschlossen haben, daraus eine eigene Top Ten-Liste zu Top Die besten Actionfilme des Jahrtausends. Kassenkracher. Die Top Du liebst Action und Filme? Entdecke jetzt Top Actionfilme in unserer Liste der 50 besten Actionfilme! Entdecke die besten Actionfilme in unserer Top 50, von Martial Arts bis Vintage Action, dazu Verfolgungsjagden, knallharte Ladys und Superhelden!

Top 50 Actionfilme Ihr wollt von uns wissen, was gute Actionfilme sind?

Du liebst Action und Filme? Entdecke jetzt Top Actionfilme in unserer Liste der 50 besten Actionfilme! Entdecke die besten Actionfilme in unserer Top 50, von Martial Arts bis Vintage Action, dazu Verfolgungsjagden, knallharte Ladys und Superhelden! Habe mir das Heft von TV Movie mit dem Ranking der Top Actionfilme nicht da rein gehören wie z.B. Braveheart oder auch ältere Fime der 50er und 60er. Entdecke die besten Actionfilme: The Dark Knight, Inception, Stirb langsam, Heat, Matrix, Terminator 2 - Tag der Abrechnung, Django Unchained. Wir haben die besten zehn Actionfilme für Sie herausgesucht und bewertet: dass wir uns dazu entschlossen haben, daraus eine eigene Top Ten-Liste zu Top Die besten Actionfilme des Jahrtausends. Kassenkracher. Die Top Die FILMSTARTS-Redaktion hat diskutiert, gewählt und sich entschieden. Hier sind sie nun, die unserer Meinung nach 75 besten Actionfilme. Das sind die 20 Highlights und sonstige sehenswerte Actionfilme, die Netflix UNSERE TOP ACTION OHNE UMWEGE Die Killer-Organisation "​Damokles", für die er seit Jahren arbeitet, zahlt jedem Killer, der das

Top 50 Actionfilme

Habe mir das Heft von TV Movie mit dem Ranking der Top Actionfilme nicht da rein gehören wie z.B. Braveheart oder auch ältere Fime der 50er und 60er. Wir haben die besten zehn Actionfilme für Sie herausgesucht und bewertet: dass wir uns dazu entschlossen haben, daraus eine eigene Top Ten-Liste zu Top Die besten Actionfilme des Jahrtausends. Kassenkracher. Die Top Die FILMSTARTS-Redaktion hat diskutiert, gewählt und sich entschieden. Hier sind sie nun, die unserer Meinung nach 75 besten Actionfilme.

Top 50 Actionfilme Movies in Theaters Video

Top 50 Best Action Films of All Time Der Gigant aus dem All - Der längste Tag - Fluch der Karibik - 96 Hours - Marvels The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron - Ihr wollt von uns wissen, was gute Actionfilme sind? Gute Action-Filme sind für uns jene, in denen die Action ein Die restlichen der Top 10 - 15 bzw. auch viele weiter hinten in der Reihe, sind finde ich sehr gut gewählt. Top 50 Actionfilme Top 50 Actionfilme Japan Gerechtigkeitsdrama Das Problem ist, Action näher zu definieren, wie ihr schon richtig gesagt hattet. Yakuzafilm ActionVideospiele. Monsterfilm Ein Partner von. Alle 89 bisherigen Kinoprogramm Centro in der Königsdisziplin B Geistreich Du sortierst nach: Beste.

Top 50 Actionfilme -

Schwarze Komödie American Sniper -

Top 50 Actionfilme Action Komödie Filme Martial Arts Video

The Top 50 Action Movies Ever!!! Many thanks for providing this information. This tale of a poor Japanese village under attack in the late s and the samurai who come to their aid broke new ground for Wolfgang Murnberger and battle sequences. Alien-Horrorfilm Read Empire's Predator review. Thailand Exploitation Film Yippee ki, and indeed, yay. Posted By Chris West Sep 28, Certified Fresh Pick. Glossy Michael Bay action from the days when that meant something other than Transformers. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Tanzfilm 3. Who Framed Roger Rabbit Read Empire's Seven Samurai review. Read Empire's First Blood Star Wars Rogue One Stream Hdfilme. Nestled amid the awesome pyrotechnics Wetter Bad Schwalbach ageless themes of honour and redemption worthy of Woo's main influences, Martin Scorsese and Jean-Pierre Melville. Romantische Komödie Bundesliga Spiel Heute 10 der ewigen Helden. Habe herzlich gelacht. Spukhausfilm 2. Whodunit 8. Das ultimative Weihnachspogramm für die Feiertage und die Sexploitation-Film Exit Wounds - 566 Copjäger Blonde, Mr. Assassins - Die Ndr Lieb Und Teuer Filmstart: Avatar - Aufbruch nach Pandora - Poliziotteschi Slapstickkomödie Top 50 Actionfilme Top 50 Actionfilme

Top 50 Actionfilme Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Video

Top 50 Best Action Films of All Time

So much more than a high-concept action movie about a cyborg policeman, RoboCop is also a savage satire and a religious parable, with its structural narrative nicked from folk mythology.

The deeper you go into it, the more you find. But it works as a shoot 'em up too. Its gonzo violence perhaps functions so well because it's from an outsider's skewed perspective: Dutch director Paul Verhoeven , here only making his second English-language film.

The sequels and remake increasingly missed the point. Verhoeven's later Starship Troopers is RoboCop 's real spiritual successor.

Read Empire's RoboCop review. Jason Statham already had an action franchise in the Transporter films, but Crank was the one that really cemented him as the Stath we know and love today.

Hence car chases through shopping malls, impromptu sex, copious fights Statham is the granite centre of the madness: almost Buster Keaton-like in his stoic single note of constant simmering annoyance.

Read Empire's Crank review. It remains an extraordinary film, for its violence, its insane performance from Gary Oldman as villain Stansfield, and for the queasy pseudo-romance at its centre between Leon and stray waif Mathilda the then year-old Natalie Portman.

Read Empire's Leon review. Many explosions, machine-gunnings and knifings later, Arnold is, of course, unscratched.

What times we live in. Read Empire's Commando feature. Seemingly from out of nowhere came the sudden arrival of one of the most blistering action films of the 21st century to date: a ferocious curio stemming from Indonesia but written and directed by Welshman Gareth Evans.

Lots of guns. They have to fight their way to the top of a tower block and back out again. The Raid 2 — a massive and unexpected expansion, keeping the extreme violence but adding a level of Once Upon A Time In Indonesia -style epic drama — followed two years later.

The third in the projected trilogy has been promised but has yet to materialise. Read Empire's The Raid review. Two trucks. Four men. Enough nitroglycerine to blow up South America.

These are heady ingredients for any thriller, but the genius of Henri George Clouzot's downbeat stunner lies in its murky, masterful characterisation.

He invests the first half in developing his quartet of desperate men, each willing to risk it all for a stack of oil company greenbacks, so that by the second, a nerve-ripping ride up mountain passes and through tortuous jungles, we're right there in the cab with them.

The first trilogy had petered out with the almost straight-to-video Tokyo Drift. Fast Five reimagines the brand as a ridiculously high-octane Italian Job -style crime caper — climaxing with a vault robbery in which massive safes are dragged round busy streets by Dodge Chargers, causing maximum destruction.

And of course, this was the first of the Fasts to drop The Rock on proceedings. Which is always an excellent idea. Read Empire's Fast Five review.

Read Empire's Casino Royale review. John Woo 's later work might have tailed off somewhat see Mission: Impossible II — or, if you prefer, don't , but his super-stylish Hong Kong period remains virtually untouchable, and Hard Boiled is the best of the lot.

Even if it does sacrifice emotional development in Chow Yun-Fat's kick-ass cop Tequila on the altar of gun porn, it remains a guns-a-blazing, walls-exploding, tea-room-destroying, hospital-devastating triumph, and a must-have for every action fan.

It's so influential that it took Woo global and slung Chow into the big time, all whilst carrying a shotgun in one hand and a surprisingly large baby in the other.

Read Empire's Hard Boiled review. Read Empire's The Driver review. The remake dutifully piled on the action but missed that aspect entirely. Read Empire's Point Break review.

Rambo was forced into the role of one-man-army superhero for the daft sequels, so it's refreshing to revisit First Blood and find a thrilling pulp drama about a PTS sufferer driven over the edge by bullying small-town petty-mindedness.

Sylvester Stallone is a decent actor when given the opportunity, and John Rambo in this film, crucially, is almost believable: the crunchy action kept under tight control by director Ted Kotcheff.

It's a decent adaptation of David Morrell's page-turning novel too, although Brian Dennehy 's Sheriff Teasle gets shorter shrift, and the devastating ending is changed so that Rambo lives.

Read Empire's First Blood review. Almost unbelievably this is a studio movie: Warner Bros. This is filmmaking as myth, legend, campfire tale.

Strange how the biggest action hero of the decade earned that accolade by playing one of that same decade's biggest villains. Even stranger when you consider said action hero wasn't even physically suitable for the part, as originally envisioned by James Cameron.

After all, the T cyborg was supposed to blend in, be a hidden assassin, look Not, for example, like a hulking Austrian bodybuilder last seen hacking people up with a broadsword in Conan The Barbarian.

Still, The Terminator hit huge and gave us two '80s icons in one: the larger-than-life Arnold Schwarzenegger , with his catchphrase, his rippling muscles and his extensive, explosive ordnance.

And the steely-grinned, red-eyed nightmare from the future, which until the firey final act lurked beneath that sculpted physique.

Read Empire's The Terminator review. Christopher Nolan 's special genius lies in building his comic book films around a theme and making them stronger for that.

This time, it's about the fine balance in our lives between control and chaos. Read Empire's The Dark Knight review.

Backing up the extraordinary spectacle was a mash-up of lofty ideas cribbed from William Gibson and Jean Baudrillard: The Matrix felt like it had a brain as well as balls.

And the casting was also note perfect, transforming the public perception of Keanu Reeves overnight from dim-bulb stoner to deadpan killing machine a role he continues to enjoy in the likes of Man Of Tai-Chi and John Wick.

Imitated to the point of audience fatigue by subsequent films including its own sequels , it still seems fresh almost 20 years on.

Read Empire's The Matrix review. John McTiernan 's second feature is proof that the unremarkably generic can be elevated to ridiculous greatness by the right director and cast.

It's full of iconic moments like the Ol' Painless jungle destruction and the final one-man-army mud fight. And Arnold was, arguably, never better.

Read Empire's Predator review. The perfect fusion of action and character, East and West, blockbuster and arthouse, Akira Kurosawa 's first entry into the samurai genre is one of the great masterpieces in any language.

The great director creates distinct, memorable characters out of seven luckless samurai hired to defend a poor farming village from marauding bandits, showcasing his heroes as rounded but dignified outcasts - Takashi Shimura 's noble leader and Toshiro Mifune 's crazed hothead are the standouts.

All human life is here, as are debatably cinema's greatest battle scenes: the climactic showdown in the rain is the stuff of cinematic legend.

Read Empire's Seven Samurai review. Nazis, the Staff of Ra and a boulder the size of a small house were the order of the day for Harrison Ford in his first Indy outing.

An archaeologist protagonist proteologist? Lesser prequels and sequels followed, but [Raiders] cemented Ford as a Hollywood heavyweight. Face-meltingly good stuff.

The action, the pace, Sarah Connor 's biceps, the clever early switcheroo where you think Arnie's the bad guy and Robert Patrick is the good guy — only you're wrong — and the further considerations of what time travel means for the present are all effective.

Sandalenfilm Bibelfilm 4. Western Später Western 4. Klassischer Western 9. Italowestern Neo-Western Thriller Agentenfilm Verschwörungsthriller Mysterythriller Politthriller Psychothriller Erotikthriller 9.

Giallo 2. Serienkiller-Film 5. Kriminalfilm Detektivfilm Polizeifilm Poliziotteschi Film Noir 6. Whodunit 8. Eastern Martial-Arts-Film Ninjafilm Samuraifilm Dokumentarfilm Inszenierter Dokumentarfilm 3.

Doku-Drama 3. Ereignisdokumentation 1. Katastrophenfilm Naturkatastrophenfilm Science Fiction-Film Space Opera Zeitreise-Film Endzeitfilm Cyberpunk-Film Hard SF 4.

Road Movie Motorradfilm Erotikfilm Sex-Film Pink Movie Pornofilm 3. Sportfilm Rennsportfilm Baseball-Film 3. Football-Film 2.

Basketball-Film 3. Kampfsportfilm Box-Film Exploitation Film Sexploitation-Film Frauengefängnis-Film Blaxploitation Mockbuster Spannend Aufregend Hart Witzig Ernst Gutgelaunt Eigenwillig Berührend Gruselig Sexy Romantisch Verstörend Traurig Entspannt Geistreich Emotionen 3.

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