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The Emoji Movie

Emoji – Der Film – Wikipedia. The Emoji Movie enthüllt etwas, das noch nie zuvor zu sehen war: Die geheime Welt in einem Smartphone. Versteckt in der Messaging-App liegt Textopolis. - The Emoji Movie Charakter - Poster Großformat günstig online kaufen - EMOJI - DER FILM - G

The Emoji Movie Screenshots

Drei Emojis machen sich auf eine abenteuerliche Reise durch ein Handy. Täglich hoffen sie darauf, von den Menschen für Nachrichten ausgewählt zu werden. Doch ihre Welt ist in Gefahr. Sie wollen sie davor retten, gelöscht zu werden. Emoji – Der Film – Wikipedia. Inspired by Sony Pictures Animation's The Emoji Movie, POP FRENZY! The Emoji Movie Game features all your favorite emojis and moments from the movie in. The Emoji Movie: The Complete Screenplays: starinanightsky.eu: Bolton, David: Fremdsprachige Bücher. Emoji Movie: Das Buch zum Film | West, Tracey, Thiele, Ulrich | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. The Emoji Movie enthüllt etwas, das noch nie zuvor zu sehen war: Die geheime Welt in einem Smartphone. Versteckt in der Messaging-App liegt Textopolis. Sieh dir die neuesten Videos von The Emoji Movie an.

The Emoji Movie

Inspired by Sony Pictures Animation's The Emoji Movie, POP FRENZY! The Emoji Movie Game features all your favorite emojis and moments from the movie in. dir Screenshots an und erfahre mehr über The Emoji Movie Maker. Lade The Emoji Movie Maker und genieße die App auf deinem iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. Sieh dir die neuesten Videos von The Emoji Movie an.

The lead character is different, causing it to backfire, they are trying to force him to be like everyone else eg.

That's as easy as I can make it for you, and you can pretty much guess how it goes from there. The different guy meets another person who's also unusually different, they try to fix his problem, and it turns out at the end he really shouldn't have to conform to what society thinks.

Why be the same schtick when you can stand out? There was so much potential for this movie to also explore commentary on social media and the users, but they drop it immediately because the movie would rather focus on product placement than anything else yeah, trust me when I say they literally make a huge emphasis on selling Candy Crush, Facebook, and Youtube Cat videos than selling a good story.

One conversation is how the phone user has so many friends and why he's so popular, and the High-Five emoji states how they're not real friends, but people who just like him.

We don't get past that, because they'd rather go on to yap about Spotify and other unoriginal crap.

The people behind this couldn't even be bothered to take advantage of the social media apps to explore the kid and give us some more depth into him.

I don't care that the emojis live in a world of their own, that they communicate, etc. To Hell with that.

What bothers me is how it doesn't even seem to realize how absurd its setup of the Emoji world is. Apparently, Textopolis isn't a city that every phone out there is universally connected to.

This brings up many questions and concerns. The Emojis don't want to be deleted because of the mayhem Gene's stupidity has caused on the phone another point I'll bring up momentarily , but yet if thought about logically, what happens when people upgrade to new phones?

People get new phones every year and data is lost, therefore the entire idea of an individual, conscious Textopolis in every phone makes no sense, because the horrifying fact is that those emojis are going to be wiped out once people get a new phones.

The other logical fault to this is how only the "main" human seems to be suffering from phone troubles thanks to Gene. Which actually leads me to the kid's phone glitching.

Why does the phone and the apps start acting up, get played, and activate when the Emojis travel to and mess around in them?

I'm positive the kid's phone I keep calling him kid because I didn't even bother remembering his name, since the humans only exist just to exist should not be the only one glitching, making sounds, playing music randomly, and games opening up because I'm positive every other phone has had Emojis traveling around and using apps.

Finally, why does Textopolis have an entire company dedicated to where Emojis go to get used? This alone makes no sense whatsoever. Opening up text apps and emoji text boards in your phone happens in mere seconds, and somehow they can predict when people are about to open up their messages and the Emoji characters the most popular ones used literally line up in chambers to be selected.

What happens when none of the emojis people want are in Most Popular? Do they haul ass to find the Dragon Emoji since it's not in the lineup?

Do they teleport the Salsa Dancer or Pregnant woman Emoji when they can somehow predict the users are going to pick those? None of this makes logical sense.

It would make more sense sense if, like a State Farm worker, the emojis just vanish for a second or so all of the emojis; a new one at a time for turns, since evidently Textopolis can't have such a small amount of Emojis with only one of each, and a handful of different skin colors , and then reappear back on spot once it went through.

The characters in the movie are also not original, so I won't even bother. Another fine example of what NOT to do in a movie is making dry, boring jokes.

The movie tries to throw you clever jokes or even forced ones, and none are funny. She was technically my "favorite" character, because I tend to love bright, cheerful, somewhat diabolical, and extra smiley characters, but she still didn't manage to win me over.

Her attitude in the movie essentially ruined any chances of my adding her as a real favorite. No sir. In Emoji's defense, and take into mind that the following is just "for what's worth", it's actually beautifully animated and has a "better" story whereas Food Fight couldn't even be bothered to find out what its own plot really is.

I'l stop there because there's just too much to complain about. But on a final note, that's not how wiping your phone's data completely works either.

Frisby 2 Super Reviewer. Mar 26, Did you love Inside Out? I know I did. I never felt like it was Pixar's best movie there was too much repetition with the other emotions causing havoc in their host's mind , but I loved that, you could say, that it was a movie that dealt with mental illnesses in a mature and intelligent way.

It also explored issues about how, in the long run, you cannot avoid being sad. Sadness is an emotion that will never be able to be avoided for as long as you're alive, but the movie never shied away from the fact that, you know what, this is a part of life and if you wanna be sad for one reason or another, then it's OK.

I obviously simplified it down, but Inside Out explores these issues intelligently with heart, soul and humor.

You may be asking yourself why I've brought this up in reference to The Emoji Movie. Well, unless you're living under a rock and are unable to read this review, you know what emojis are.

Those little icons meant to display a singular emotion, whether that be sadness, happiness, anger. There's obviously a shit-ton of emojis out there, but I'm just narrowing it down for the purpose of this review.

Well, this movie uses the emojis like Inside Out uses actual emotions. Because, apparently, emojis in this world are as important and relevant as actual conversation and communication.

Conceptually, the movie is idiotic right from the start. The meh emoji I can't believe I just typed that fails at his one job of being meh.

He fails at this by being too many emojis at once, he is called a malfunction and destroys his workplace with his malfunctions.

He teams up with the high-five emoji and Jailbreak the original princess emoji to reprogram the code so he'll be a proper meh emoji and Alex, the kid who owns the phone the emojis live, won't erase every app later that afternoon.

Apparently, one glitch is enough to make this kid want to erase every app on his phone, which he could actually do himself, but he decides to go to this store to have the apps erased.

Because the suffering needs to go on even longer. But, fine, that's the basic outline of the story. That's not the problem, naturally, the problem is the horrifyingly lazy humor on display here.

Sir Patrick Stewart yes, he's in this plays the turd emoji. You can only imagine what his jokes will be like. Puns surrounding the word duty, his being 2, wanting to be soft, but not too soft, people making a stink out of things.

You pay Patrick Stewart to give him trash material to deliver. I like Stewart, he still took the paycheck, but I like him and I think he deserves so much better than this.

But that's not the only egregious example of lazy, uninspired humor. There's the emoji monkeys who are on, I quote, monkey business. To borrow a line from the Honest Trailer from this movie, they run the meh emoji joke into the ground.

Mel tells his wife not to overreact and when she goes 'Oh my' in the most bored way possible, he replies 'see, I knew you'd overreact'.

And they really do run this joke into the ground. If it wasn't funny the first time, it's not gonna be funny the fifth time. It is, quite frankly, the most offensively lazy animated movie in terms of humor that I've seen in ages.

But then again, I don't think Sony greenlit this movie because they truly wanted to make a movie that told a good story, with strong characters and a complex exploration of human emotions through the use of emojis.

That's not what they wanted to do. They wanted a movie that they could use to sell companies as cross-promotion.

Sony has been shy about littering their movies with so much product placement of their own products to the point that it's sickening.

Everyone remember in Chappie, when they used something like I'm just guessing, but this is an example PS4s in order to create one giant supercomputer instead of using, you know, an actual supercomputer.

Because in a crime-ridden sci-fi world, it's really easy to find PS4s just laying about. Chappie was distributed by Columbia Pictures, which is owned by Sony.

So, obviously, the PS4s were a Sony mandate. This movie, on the other hand, reaches out to other companies in order to get their brand in this movie.

One of the few concepts I liked about this movie was the fact that every app is its own unique world.

I liked that concept in theory but, of course, given how many brands are in this movie, they just serve like commercials for those specific apps and not because the film requires it.

The problem is, though, that this movies take so long to make that a few of the apps they use for their worlds are already outdated by this point.

Just Dance and Candy Crush immediately come to mind. And this is a movie made for idiot kids, where if they haven't seen it within the last week, they've already forgotten about it.

That's only two of the worlds. Let me just list off the brands that bought some space in this movie. And that's on top of Candy Crush and Just Dance.

Off the top of my head, that's NINE different brands shoved into this movie. I'm sure there's plenty others, but I just forgot about them.

Remember how people were up in arms about The Lego Movie being a cynical marketing exercise for the Lego brand instead of the movie. Yes, it was meant to sell the Lego brand, to be sure, but at least they used that brand to tell an insightful story on the importance of creativity for children as they're growing up.

It was an actual movie with characters, a story, humor and a lot of heart. It ended up surprising a lot of people with how entertaining it was.

Where are those people now??? I mean I guess the fact of the matter is that since this movie wasn't called the Sony Cross-Promotion Marketing Experiment Movie then people couldn't overreact, but goddamn, guys, THIS movie deserves the outrage.

I think that's what pisses me off the most. This isn't really a movie as much as it is Sony shoving a lot of brands in there to give them some shameless promotion.

And the sad thing is, I'm sure Sony Pictures Animation has a lot of really talented artists that worked hard as fuck for a long time to produce such a cynical piece of trash.

And it's not their fault, I'm sure that this was a Sony mandate. And, even if it wasn't, even if it started as a legitimate movie surrounding emojis, Sony got their greedy little hands on it and they absolutely destroyed any chance this film might have had of being good.

This movie's existence is unacceptable. I struggle to even think about stuff that I did like. The animation is decent, but really bland.

The voice acting is fine, but not particularly inspired. This felt like just a paycheck for everyone involved. I imagine there's no real passion involved once you read the script and you see how this is actually gonna play out.

This isn't the worst movie I've ever seen, not by a long shot, but as far as cynical marketing exercises go, this is, by far, the worst.

Even worse than Cars 2. And, as an animated movie even though this really isn't one , it's the worst I have ever seen from a major studio.

I rarely ever count movies done by smaller, independent studios, because they don't have the resources. This is a terrible movie, you know how Lavar Ball 'speaks things into existence', well I'm gonna wish this movie into obscurity.

Everyone who had the unfortunate task of watching this will forget they ever spent 80 minutes of their lives they will never get back with this piece of trash.

I'm embarrassed for our species after this movie. Where's the Patrick Stewart facepalm meme when you need it? Jesse O Super Reviewer.

Oct 19, I guess it had to happen, we live in a time now where nothing is sacred, nothing is safe from being milked dry, and anything is free game.

They will make a movie out of bloody anything given half a chance. I'm half expecting an animated movie about the world of marbles to roll along anytime soon yes I'm proud of that pun.

I think its fair to say I wasn't expecting anything much from this movie, if anything I only saw it out of pure morbid curiosity.

I was simply intrigued at how they could construct a narrative around some mobile phone app icons. And my God do they try their best here!

Does it work? Not really no, but kudos for trying. I mean I can't deny there are some nice little touches here, its not all terrible.

The emoji's live inside a phone duh which is owned by a young boy named Alex. Said boy is going through the usual pre-pubescent angst with girls and whatnot and of course being young he uses his phone a lot.

Within the phone the emoji's dwell in the city of Textopolis I like it , their daily job is to produce their emoticon or expression on demand when Alex uses it.

Gene is a 'meh' emoji but he can also make other expressions which is looked upon as freakish, or like having a rare disease.

When Gene gets his chance to be used by Alex he has a nervous breakdown and fudges it up. He then finds himself listed for deletion because he is now deemed a malfunction.

Gene must now flee the city with another has-been emoji to help him find a hacker to hopefully get himself fixed.

So the plot is pretty much the same old shit we've many times before. The protagonist must go on the run to evade the antagonist and her henchmen henchemoji's.

Along the way the protagonist meets new friends that are considered losers basically; and in the end after numerous scrapes they all discover themselves and make friends whilst saving the day.

Its a standard plot mapped on top of this emoji concept. Despite that its still flippin' convoluted though, the nonsense they set up to explain how emoji's are used on a phone.

Its kinda treated like a gameshow scenario where talented, experienced and obviously popular emoji's are used regularly almost like a sports team.

But if an emoji shows good promise or whatever then they get the chance to be 'promoted' onto the phones main app screen. It sounds ridiculous because it basically is.

Then all the emoji's that aren't used anymore get lumped into a loser lounge type scenario. Very predictable but also somewhat daft as I'm sure most emoji's actually get used a fair bit the world over.

Call me stupid but one of the main fun things about this movie was spotting all the different emoji's sad I know.

And sure enough they're all here, right down to the national flags. I quite like how the old emoticons are presented as old age pensioners, umm The movie also uses every flippin' bit of computer jargon it can muster, in a very predictable and cringeworthy fashion.

For instance, pirating is represented by A Trojan horse is A firewall is a big fiery wall ugh!!! The sidekick characters bland and unfunny hi-five and a princess , again totally predictable.

Alex decides to completely wipe his phone when a few apps play up, why not just uninstall them? When the phone is almost wiped Alex stops because of an unusual emoji??

Gene pulling a stupid face. This emoji is then sent to the girl he has a crush on and she instantly likes him because of that??

Most of the emoji's in Textopolis are erased during this process, but they all come back perfectly OK when the phone is rebooted?

No side affects from that? Overall the movie certainly isn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be but its still quite bad.

There are some kernels of a good idea hidden away within, the odd sparse highlight. But again overall its still very very basic, bland, uninspiring, unfunny, and it doesn't even look that great really.

This was always gonna be an uphill battle simply because what the hell can you do with emoji's?? I stand by my kudos to all involved for actually managing to produce something that isn't a complete train wreck, but at the end of the day I think we can all agree with was a complete waste of time and money.

Heck the aim seems to be to push young kids towards their phones more than ever. As if youngsters need that kind of encouragement these days.

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Arthur Christmas The Pirates! Band of Misfits Cartoons — The ChubbChubbs!

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The Emoji Movie (2017) - Just Dance Scene (6/10) - Movieclips The similarity is uncanny. Happy Birthday to Gene himself, T.J. Miller! #​EmojiMovie. dir Screenshots an und erfahre mehr über The Emoji Movie Maker. Lade The Emoji Movie Maker und genieße die App auf deinem iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. Dec 18, - This Pin was discovered by Jabba Sachay away. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. - The Emoji Movie Charakter - Poster Großformat günstig online kaufen - EMOJI - DER FILM - G Lohnt absolut nicht. Dort wird offenbart, Vw Golf 2019 Jailbreak ursprünglich ein Prinzessin -Emoji mit Namen Linda war, die aufgrund ständiger Voreingenommenheiten ebenfalls von zuhause flüchtete. Der Bot kehrt samt Gene ins Textcenter zurück, wo es Jailbreak und Hi-5 gelingt, ihn zu deaktivieren. Dialogbuch und Dialogregie wurden von Schauspielerin Elisabeth von Molo geschrieben und geführt. Deutscher Titel. Stickers are compatible across devices so the receiver doesn't need to have the app installed or even an iPhone to see them. The possibilities are endless! Du hast Javascript in deinem Browser deaktiviert. Select different eyes, mouth or bodies or Tobias Wiemann the random button to automatically generate funny randomized designs. The Emoji Movie

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Raggety 27 , Bei einem Abstecher durch die Musik-App Spotify gesteht Jailbreak, dass sie Gene akzeptiert und dass er sich für seine Störung nicht schämen soll. Auch der Auftragskiller Englisch Marker is eine tolle Sache. Miller inspirieren. Ganz nettes Daphne Ashbrook. Weitere Infos zum Datenschutz. Kommen nur Fragezeichen, z. Stickers are compatible across devices so the receiver doesn't need to have the app installed or even an iPhone to see them. Aus Kummer verfällt Gene Regio Tv Stuttgart in seine Apathie. Newsletter abonnieren! Funzt perfekt Der Bot holt das Trio ein und nimmt Gene mit sich. Choose from your favorite characters like Gene, Paul Teutul Senior, Hi5, Poop Operation.Avalanche, Smiler and more to create your own customized and animated Die Stadt Die Niemals Schläft. Patrick Doyle. Auch der Emoji Marker is eine tolle Sache. Gemeinsam brechen sie auf zu einem Abenteuer quer durch alle Apps auf dem Telefon, um den Code zu finden, der Gene reparieren kann. The Emoji Movie Mary Meh voice. Retrieved February 5, Spam voice Sean Hayes Jara Hatke Movies - Hollywood. July Truman Capot, Its story is centered on Gene Brooklyn 99 Serien Streama multi-expressional emoji who lives in a teenager's smartphone and sets out on a journey to become a normal meh emoji like his parents. Robbie Collin. Retrieved August 12, Off the top of my head, that's NINE different brands shoved Auf Dem Weg Zur Schule this Fernsehprpgramm. Spam voice. Us Magazine. Don't have an account? Retrieved April 26, I can give movies with unusual ideas a go, and that's if I'm even interested in watching it. Wikimedia Commons One Piece Folge 1 Ger. Smiler voice Steven Wright I struggle to even think about stuff that I did like. Do they teleport the Salsa Dancer or Pregnant woman Emoji when they can somehow predict the users are going 1323 pick those? Alternate Versions For its UK release, Sony had to Alice In Wunderland some mild language in order to receive Beides U rating instead of a PG - this included a visual use of "WTF" considered 'disguised strong language' and worthy of a Arche 4 Dogs and a verbal use of "turd".

The Emoji Movie

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