Star in a Night Sky

For the first time English readers have an opportunity to discover something of the literature and the thinking behind the international language Esperanto.

Never before have so many translated texts, ranging from prize-winning poetry, plays, short stories and extracts from novels to a recipe and a scientific treatise, been published between the covers of one volume. Esperanto speakers are enthusiastic about their literary and written heritage: English speakers can now find out why.

  • 392 pages
  • Bilingual
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About the author

Photo of the author, Paul Gubbins

Paul Gubbins, a former university language teacher, took up Esperanto when he found himself one year teaching three beginner groups in German. It would be a good idea, he felt, to take up a fresh language to put himself once more in the position of a learner. The first book that came to hand was Teach Yourself Esperanto - and the rest is history.

He is the author of the longest "soap opera" in Esperanto, the 15-lesson DVD series Pasporto al la tuta mondo (Passport to the Whole World) has has won prizes for drama, short stories and a video film in the annual arts competition organised by the Universal Esperanto Association. He has written text books in Esperanto and produced other interactive teaching materials, as well as authoring articles on Esperanto literature, generally on original drama.

He is currently editor-in-chief of the Esperanto news magazine Monato (Month) and edits the house magazine of the Esperanto Association of Britain. Beyond Esperanto he teaches journalism at Staffordshire University.